Byzantium – Gateway between East and West

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Byzantium – Gateway between East and West               


Sat 4 February to Sat 17 March 2012

This exhibition presents 1000 years of the Byzantine Empire’s history, from its establishment in 330 AD by the Emperor Constantine to its fall in 1435. It shows the creation of the first Slavonic and East European nation states, their organisation under the influence of the domineering Byzantine Empire and their eventual acceptance of Christianity and late Roman civilization as a model for the formation of their own states. Byzantium integrated the best of the Classical Hellenic and Roman civilisations but also adopted Oriental mysticism. It stretched far beyond the Old World borders into Asia, Arabia, Persia, North Africa and North Europe.  The aim of the exhibition is to look at the influence on European culture of Byzantium’s multicultural heritage.

Curated by Vesna Petkovic, Pro Art & Co

We are also grateful for the support of MESP (the Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace)

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 3 February: Byzantium: Splendour perfected. A short talk on the history of Byzantium, the role of women  in society and the role of the court by Vesna Petkovic

18 February: Early Church Music.  A course at Edinburgh University OLL

24 February: Icons in Early Christian and Byzantine world. A talk by Maria Andipa

3 March: An introduction to Russian church music.  Glasgow

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