The EU Treasure Hunt project includes partner organizations from 6 European countries: Slovenia (Coordinator), UK, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Austria.

Its purpose is to motivate and encourage the openness of European borders and to increase opportunities for active participation in trans national mobility within the specific target group of young adults. It targets at young adults mostly aged 15 to 25 years, from minority ethnic groups, with mild learning and physical disabilities, who experience social exclusion and/or have been disadvantaged in some other way.

The working methods will be diverse and active, assuring the satisfaction of various needs of the learners and partner organizations involved, such as: workshops, learning-by-doing, small group discussions, field work, project research, photo material, audio-video presentation, etc.

The main aim of the project is mobilization and motivation of young adults to overcome their own educational or personal limitations in the field of trans national and multicultural cooperation. Young adults from different EU countries will, according to their interests, needs and abilities, take an active role in the common multicultural planning, preparation, execution, promotion and evaluation of activities related to EU Cultural treasures.