This Grundtvig learning Partnership project involves six European non-profit organizations from:

  1. Italy –  Centro di Solidarietà Prato Onlus (Prato, Tuscany- Coordinator)
  2. UK –  Pro Art & Co (London)
  3. Belgium – Vormingplus Citizenne vzw (Brussels)
  4. Turkey – Ankara Altindag Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Ankara)
  5. Poland – Foundation for the Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM (Przemyśl)
  6. Italy – Centro Territoriale Permanente 24 (Quartu Sant’Elena  – Sardinia)

The project Open to Yourope is an opportunity for a group of adult learners and staff from 6 participating partner organisations to get involved in different forms of complex learning and cultural activities, at a variety of informal settings, which would not be overly demanding on participants’ abilities, knowledge and skills, where they would be introduced to art, crafts, heritage, practical and social skills. This would be achieved through a series of mobilities and meetings undertaken between partner countries. This practice of informal learning and exchange of experiences, in addition to participants’ previous knowledge, would enhance participants’ talents and individual expressions related to new subjects and help them develop better understanding of the needs and lifestyles of people from other cultures. It would help external European communication and cohesion, by those individuals who would be aware that they belong to a larger society, aiming to enhance European citizenship. The aim of this project is also to increase the opportunities to gain new skills and support people in achieving their personal goals.


This project is set up by the partner organisations in order to achieve our goals and to facilitate meetings with participants from other countries and includes a mobility – visiting plan, a series of workshops (topics complying with the learners’ interests) and visits to selected cultural sites, proactive communication between the participants and their practical involvement in cultural and art activities (e.g. photography, their own story telling, performances, etc.). This will also be an opportunity to share ideas from the partners’ working methods and apply the accepted elements to all other partners involved. All the partners are working in similar fields of cultural and social activities and their organisations’ goals are to advance education among adults and other learners through informal learning processes. It will enhance cultural cooperation, focused on national diversities and visions which would empower an enlarged Europe and which could be shared and multiplied through facilitating new forms of creative expressions.

London   11/11/  –  16/11      2011

Florence-Prato   09/03  –  14/03   2012

Przemyśl   29/06  -04/07  2012

Ankara  01/10  – 06/10   2012

Sardinia – 09/02  –  14/02   2013

Brussels  17/05  -22/05   2013