The Mobile Cultural Balkan is an initiative to bring together individuals, organisations, institutions, local authorities UK, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia to contribute towards a joint objective to present and promote the unique traditional ethnic heritage and cultural inheritance of the Balkans.

The background concept is that people generally across Europe and from other countries do not know much about the specific and ancient historic settings in which the Balkan people developed, experienced and shared their destinies. It is only through individual country efforts that some of the intellectual and traditional activities find their way to wider audiences and receive prominent recognition. With a joint effort to promote the region’s unique heritage and its people, we would portray the key stages in this part of European history where the invisible power and participation in global affairs influenced historic and social outcomes which shaped the continent and divided it into an incomprehensible separation. The consequences of this partition are felt throughout the region and still exist to the present day. In order to reduce these cultural and historic differences and work on global unity the best way to reach other people is through informal learning and presentation of intellectual and traditional inheritance.

The Mobile Cultural Balkan would present cultural events such as movies, theatre, exhibitions, music, dance, literature, story telling for children and adults, documentary presentations of the natural world and the Balkan’s biodiversity, art and crafts, heritage and lectures-seminars or conferences. It would be also a portable information centre, where at presentations of the cultural programme would be an opportunity for all the participating countries and organizations to reach out to a wider audiences and markets. In order to achieve originality we should brand the project and make it fully accessible, operational and sustained. It would be available on line and in practice.