Opening the Exhibition The Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage

HRH Princess Katarina Karađorđević opened the exhibition

HRH Princess Katarina Karađorđević officially opened The Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage exhibition on Tuesday 3rd April 2012. Vesna Petković and Sava Peić, curators, described it as one of the most important events to be shown in Britain. Around 140 people attended opening, including Serbia’s Ambassador HE Dr Dejan Popović, Prota Milun Kostić from Sv Sava in London, Petar Janković, the President of the Serbian Council and Dr Ivan Mijatović, Chairman of the Serbian Society.
The exhibition focuses on little-known history of the medieval kings form the Nemanjić dynasty, a golden age in Serbian history. There were also three lectures and workshops on how to paint icons, to give more isight to these subjects.
The organisers expected 2,000 visitors, but the actual number of people visiting the exhibitions and additional events was much greater.
Pro Art & Co generously underwrote this fascinating project and we hope to tour Britain and abroad with the exhibition showing to the world these glorious days of Serbia’s Kingdom. Vesna Petković said that this is one of the most interesting and informative exhibitions on Serbia, which is easy to follow and understand how Serbia developed in cultural, intellectual and economic directions in Medieval time and how it became a rich and resourceful state, conscious to improve lives of its people and to support their spiritual growth.
Sava Peić reminded invitees that although many of the monuments are UNESCO World Heritage sites and under UN military protection, there is no guarantee they would be saved from fanatics and terrorism.
HRH Princess Katarina reflected on the continuation of kings and queens throughout the period and beyond and touched on our greatest achievement in recording language and alphabet: Miroslav’s Gospel, a copy of which was being exhibited on loan from Sv Sava in London. She also pointed out the second copy of the original Nomocanon which was written by St Sava. It was the first written Law for the Serbian people, both monastic and secular, and was completed in 1219 just four years after the Magna Carta.