BISER (Pearl) concert – Beautiful Inspiring Serbian Ethno Romances

Friday, 25 October 2013  at 7.30 pm

The University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, W1K 1DB

Please find some photographs on our photographers website


This  is rarely performed classical concert by the Serbian Romantic composers from the 19th and early 20th c. based on Romantic poetry from Serbia, Spain & France.

Tickets, including drink: £20   Tube: Hyde Park Corner

The performers are:

Darko Djordjević, tenor, from The National Theatre Belgrade

Sanja Stefanović, pianist, currently settled in germany

Rimantas Vingras pianists, originally from Lithuania

Orpheus Papafilippou, violinist, leader of Orphea’s String Quartet

Serbian music was under cultural influences from Byzantine tradition (a basis of Serbian folk singing), Russian, Greek (Greek singing school was established in 1721 in Belgrade) or Czech (choir leaders in Serbian singing societies, orchestra players and teachers in music schools). The music was mostly in the service of patriotic ideas, with the main aim to preserve the Serbian national identity. Music compositions were oriented more toward choral, solo and theatre pieces. The instrumental and vocal-instrumental music were less frequent. The first professional nationally oriented music was composed and performed by Kornelije Stanković (1831-1865), who than influenced his fellows composers in taking the national style as the only possible concept towards creation of the Serbian original music. All together, they elevated Serbian music composition to a level of an international recognition.

Serbian composers studied in Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Oxford, Rome, Moscow, Leipzig, Dresden, Paris. They brought Romantism, neo- Romantism , impressionism, neo-classicism, quarter-tone and verismo in music to Serbia.

Our programme presents: romantic composers Stanislav Binićki, Isidor Bajić and Kosta Manojlović, romantic-impressionist Petar Konjović, romantic-impressionists and verists Stevan Hristić, impressionist-expressionist Miloje Milojević. The songs were written on the poems of Jovan Ilić, Duško Milačić, Jovan Jovanović-Zmaj, Aleksa Šantić and some famous French poets like Paul Verlaine, Charles Guéin or Spanish Lope de Véga. The famous piece of music from the Balkan area, Sky Lark, is written by Grigorash Dinicu (1889-1945/6) on the folk traditional melody from Romania – another Balkan country, and it was adopted as a part of joint heritage for Serbian, Romanian and Bulgarian traditions