Saturday, 16th  November 2013 at 7.30 pm

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Tickets: £10    Concessions: £6

Women in Democracy is this year’s theme of Parliament Week. It is celebrating women’s representation and role in society. We know from historical evidences that the voice of women was raised when injustice and intolerance prevailed and their actions changed our culture and the general public views on democracy.

We are all aware of women’s distress in many parts of the world and we sympathize with those who courageously fight for their rights. Democracy in action is to raise awareness and to make women’s voice to be heard loudly. Our British society promotes diversity, tolerance and equality and we include women in all fields of active life, but we also inspire women from other communities, as well as from other parts of the world, to become more proactive.

We use music, as the world’s universal language of communication and peace, to create an event dedicated to all women. All our performers are women musicians from different cultural background who will perform traditional, classical or contemporary music and dance in order to enhance our society’s cultural diversity.

This will be a celebration of women’s role in life, their struggle to take an active part in community and political life and to earn their independence as breadwinners and heads of households. It was a long struggle but now, in the 21st century, we celebrate women’s contribution to our society.

All the performers will give their time free and the organisers volunteer in celebration of Parliament Week.

For further information and BOOKING please contact

Nadege Le Dard    nadege.proart@gmail.com   Tel: 07971272826 

PayPal: proartandco@aol.com    cheques payable to : Pro Art & CO  please send it to Plaza 319, 535 Kings Road, London SW10 0SZ

MUSIC FROM THE HEART PERFORMERS:  Alla Sirenko, Sophia Grech, Julietta Demetriades, Silva McQueen, Camara Fearon, Sanja Stefanović, Maya Jordan, San’at Mahmudova, Samara, Eteri Niazashvili’, Tamta Abjhandadze’, Lika Jikia

PROGRAMME:  Madeleine Dring: Holding the Night, from Four Night Songs; Teresa del Riego: O Dry Those Tears!; Frederick Keel: Trade Winds; Joaquin Rodrigo: Con qué la lavaré? Manuel de Falla: Seven popular Spanish songs – El pano moruno, Asturiana, Nana; Petar Konjović: Nane kaži tajku (Mother Tell The Father) Jezero (The Lake); Isidor Bajić: Sve dok je tvoga blagog oka (I Feel Your Two Gentle Eyes ); Svetislav Božić: Lyric of Athos; Alla Sirenko: Fantasy for Solo Piano (world première), Testament for soprano and piano;  Traditional Cypriot arranged by Ayis Ioannides: Psindri Vasilidja mou (My Trim Basil Plant); Costas Yiannidis: Pote den tha sto po (I Will Never Tell You); Federico Moreno Torroba: Tres horas antes del día (La Marchenera -Spanish operetta); Camara Fearon: Holding On Three little birds; Didn’t know my own strength (regge/soul/gospel) – arranged by Camara Fearon; Two Uzbek Dances: Uzbek classic and Uzbek Horazm; Georgian Dances: Adjaruli-dance, Mtiuluri-folk dance; Two Dances from Persia and Azerbaijan