Madam Atatürk

Madam Atatürk by İpek Çalışlar
Translation Feyza Howell

Talking specially to our Club about the book she translated
on this remarkable woman who helped to change
the history of Turkey and influence emancipation of women
Friday 14th March
6 for 6.30 pm
64 Ashley Gardens, Ambrosden Avenue, London Victoria SW1P 1QG
(the street on the left side of the Westminster Cathedral)
Tickets, including Refreshments and Drinks: £12 non-members £15

Latife Uşşakizâde (1898-1975), was the wife of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1923 -1925). She
was born in Izmir into an intellectual family, went to school in England, studied Law at the
Sorbonne and played an important part in the transformation of Turkey, the emancipation of
women and promotion of secularism. After their divorce in 1925, she removed herself from
public life entirely for the rest of her days. İpek Çalışlarʼs biography, a work of solid research,
revealed Latife Hanım as a resolute intellectual who stood shoulder to shoulder with her husband
in the early days of the emerging Republic of Turkey. The book originally created a
massive controversy as it challenged the vilification of Latife Hanım. Her own diaries have
yet to be published.

Feyza Howell is a literary translator, interpreter and a member of English PEN who has
worked in TV, radio and press advertising, marketing and management. Her backlist includes
Fiasco by Coşkun Büktel, The Book of Madness by Levent Şenyürek and The Concubine by
Gül İrepoğlu. Amongst the works she has translated are Waste by Hakan Günday and Fog
and The Night and A Memento for Istanbul by Ahmet Ümit. Her translation of Unto the Tulip
Gardens: My Shadow by Gül İrepoğlu is due for publication in 2014, and Madam Atatürk by
İpek Çalışlar was published last Autumn by Saqi.