Popular Anglo/Kazak Band perform for first time in London


NoMad Karma Invitation Final




PRESS RELEASE   10/10/15

Hit Anglo/Kazak Band perform for first time in London

Thursday, 22nd October at 8 pm

Posk Jazz Café

238 – 246 King Street

London W6 0RF



No Mad Karma is a unique group of Anglo/Kazakh musicians, their first release ’27’ just made it’s debut in the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart at Number 11. They perform at Posk Jazz Café on 22/10. Their genre defying music mixes dance grooves with traditional Kazakh melodies and instruments like the khobyz. It’s a rare occasion to see these talented performers. The event is in association with the Kazakhstan Embassy and Air Astana.


Composer Aidos Sagat studied at Kazakh State Conservatory, after which he founded No 1 Kazakh band URKER as singer and keyboards player. After their concert at the Ministry of Sound in London and a chance meeting with Producer Preston Heyman, they formed multinational band No Mad Karma, and recorded their debut album in Almaty and world famous Rockfield Studios in Wales where Bohemian Rapsody was recorded.

It was the first time Aidos has had his compositions sung in English, he plays Dombrya and proudly features unusual Kazakh traditional instruments Khobyz (a Goatskin and Horsehair Fiddle played on the bands first single release “27”) and Sybyzgy (an even more unusual Wooden Flute played with spittle). His arrangements mix these with modern western elements of Dance, Hip Hop and and R+B. Aidos is also UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Kazakhstan.

Singer and Lyricist David Sye’s father was legendary entertainer Frankie Vaughan, and he is a cousin of Amy Winehouse, and also a revered yoga elder. He has his own experience of living in the eye of great fame, and has his own theories about why so many talents are afflicted by addiction. He said: “My father was clever and lucky. He surrounded himself with immediate family, we’d go fishing, do regular stuff, far from the glitz.”

Backing Singer Diva Jaelee Small has established herself as one of the hottest Soul Voices on the London Scene and is a big part of No Mad Karma’s Album. She features on their hit “27”.