Pro Art Club Members visit to Umbria and Tuscany

The visit took place from 27th June until 2nd July 2016. Seven members of Pro Art Club enjoyed travelling by people’s carrier through one of the nicest regions of Italy. Pro Art partner in European projects, Italia Nostra, helped to organise this memorable visit. We flew to Perugia, the capital of Umbria. It was one of the main Etruscan cities and a home of the University of Perugia founded in 1308 (about 34,000 students). It is a well-known cultural and artistic centre of Italy. From Perugia we travelled to Assisi, charming and beautiful small medieval town with the famous Cathedral dedicated to St Frances of Assisi. Our home was Castiglione del Lago, small town close within medieval fortress but boasting Palaco de la Corgnia, tastefully restored to its original beauty. We stayed in a beautiful small hotel near the beach of Trasimeno Lake and the hotel’s generous owner, Ivanela, spoiled us with fresh fruits and many Italian bakery delights every morning. We also spent one whole day exploring the lake by boat and having delicious lunch on the isla Magiore, one of the three islands on the lake.
We visited Cortona, the famous Etruscan city, where is magnificent museum of Etruscan art and archaeological finds – if you ever go to Tuscany-Umbria border do not miss Cortona. We also visited near by retreat of St Frances, in the middle of the forest and in the mountains, on the river, which occasionally have waterfalls (if the water is plentiful) – the famous St Frances’ Eremo le Celle. Without going to Florence and Siena the visit will be not full. Especially that we were in Siena at the time of Palio – the famous horse race around Plaza del Campo, and also through some old streets where “agape” tables were set up to share food cooked for all, for hundreds of neighbouring people, students, the city officials and visitors like us. It was a memorable experience for all. Our last visit was in Montepulciano, the famous wine region, well known Chianti and wino Nobile. This is charming small town in the mountains with the famous Etruscan necropolis, which is deep in the underground, now used to store wine, pecorino cheese and products with Tartuffe, salami, cheese, spreads, sauces etc.

There is and additional present – an e-book Living and Cooking in Umbria by Norma Robinson, please find a book, illustrations and information in the link below.

Cooking and living in Umbria