Map of the Silk Road Network

Map of the Silk Road Network


The new concept of The Silk Road, ONE BELT–ONE ROAD, is the largest programme in the world today. Modern transport, infrastructure and programme for tourists replaced the legendary caravan routes and sea-fearers passages. The region includes over 3 billion people and their inherited original cultures created now its distinctive identity.

This is an introduction to the Legacy of the Silk Road electronic exhibition presenting the concept of the network of the silk routes directed mainly towards Europe. The project will explain historically important exchange of trade, experiences, knowledge, from the past to modern time. It will feature present sources of wealth and supply of life sustainable products and energy to its final destinations in Europe.

Traffic along the road is not only commercial but includes travel for pleasure, research and cultural education. Once inaccessible regions have become sought-after attractions and important resorts. Historically the original nomadic cultures mixed with Turkic, Chinese, Islamic, Christian, Greek, Russian and others, and their legacy, including of art and tradition, is unique.

The present revival of interest in the Silk Road means much more than knowing its culture and religion, as well as the trade in luxury goods. Economics and diplomacy have brought different customs and potential new clients to the Silk Road to explore and exploit it commercially. Until the 21st century, the demand for better understanding and knowledge of the Silk Road was not significant. Only in the recent time have tourists been encouraged to learn about and explore the ancient monuments along these routes.

The general public would be able to explore the region’s cultural, educational and environmental heritage, and participate in some new programme. People would also have an opportunity to learn more about trade and investment in the region, which is part of our plan to facilitate cooperation between small and medium businesses from both Europe and the Silk Road countries.

Programme at the RGS during the exhibition

21/11 – 4-9 pm – Private viewing for the members of the Royal Geographical Society
22/11 – Private viewing and the Opening of the exhibition 6.00 – 8.00 pm – Invitations
24/11 5 pm – Auhor talk and book launch. Building spiritual bridges by David Parry and Yermek Amanshayev/ During Pro Art Exhibition The Legacy of the Silk Road/ Royal Geographic Society / for tickets and invitations holders only
6.30 pm – Lecture about the Monks and Monasteries of the Silk Road – Rev. Canon Dr William Taylor, special adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury – £10
26/11 – Family Day – different activities for children and adults – 1-4 pm Free entrance
14.30 Family Day – story telling, author talks and book launch of Aisy and the magic bag by Maide Shilibekova / Royal Geographic Society / for tickets and invitations holders only

FREE Entrance to the exhibition 10 am – 5.30 pm