Women Entrepreneurs and Media

15 JUNE 2017 2-5 pm
Parliament, Jubilee Room
London SW1A 0AA

Seminar-Panel discussion  –  Supported by Community Outreach and Engagement Team
Pro Art continues with the seminar panel talks and invited entrepreneurial and respected panellists to discuss women’s position in business, culture, politics, education and media.  The panellists and the audience will engage in an interactive discussion which is topical and needs more ideas on how to support women being successful in their own business.  Our aim is to hear from many different experiences how women are treated and how they promote their ideas and talents in order to achieve and prosper in business ventures. Successful women help to create stable and thriving active citizens society. The Government has a major role and unparalleled ability to lay the foundations for successful entrepreneurship, for both women and men, through legislation and incentive which will help the business newcomer to be successful.
Women Entrepreneurs and their relationship with the Media, or how media backs women starting out in business is another topic we plan to explore. Media includes not only journalism and broadcasting, but also new and digital technology, social media, and wider networking and communication with successful women around the globe.


HRH Princes Katarina Karadjordjevic – Entrepreneur – She is the senior female descendant of Queen Victoria – She manages her own businesses and undertakes various commercial work around the world.
Dr Manahel Thabet – Scientist and Humanist – the winner of Middle East Achievement Awards in Science and was ranked among the 100 most powerful Women in the Middle East and most powerful 500 Arabs in the World by Arabian Business.
Mrs Ulviyya Taghidzade – Representative of Azerbaijan’s women entrepreneurs, building up an association “Azeri Ladies in UK” under Federation of International Associations of Women in London (FIWAL). Honorary member of EWEC (Eurasian Women Energy Club). 
Mrs Wilhelmina, Mina, Amankwah-Raynolds – Successful Businesswoman, she is a healthcare entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in the UK and Ghana. As Founder and CEO of Standard Nursing Agency, she is the proprietor of a business that includes nursing and care-home provision.
Mr Milan Dinić – a researcher and political journalist for media in the Balkans and commentator who works at the pollster YouGov on data journalism projects. He has cooperated with The Guardian and other foreign media.
Dr Elena Clarici – is a social entrepreneur and seasoned mining investment professional, committed to bringing change and sustainable social transformation through mining, especially in East Africa, involving local women.
Ms Sophie Scragg – workshop presenter from Parliament programme
Sophie is a Senior Community Outreach Officer travelling to organisations across London and the South East to deliver sessions on Parliament.


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