YOUNG PEOPLE IN PARLIAMENT: from self-selection to democratic election


Event date: 16th November. Time 2017. 14:30 – 17:00 GMT.  Parliament Week 2017.


Most young people dream of either becoming famous or making a difference in the lives of other people and their peers, and to make their families proud of their roles in society. Whether they will engage in cultural, scientific, social or political life – the work to reach the top is the same. Those who are determined to start and finish successfully go through a learning processes and put in a lot of hard work in order to achieve their dream.

This event aims to initiate a debate on the opportunities that young people have to engage in politics and to participate in work related to Parliament representing their communities and constituencies. Some young people are interested in political life and believe strongly that they can bring about changes, so their role in Parliament is significant in order to secure and pursue the democratic process. Most of these young people promote themselves initially, when still in education, in order to reach out to political life early and to put forward their names for election in their constituencies representing communities. This self-selection is the first step to engage in politics and to stand by their ideas to bring positive changes in communities and society generally. This is followed by the local election which is also a step forward to learn ‘Democracy’ through experience.

The main questions of this talk are:

How to…

  • engage in the local community
  • work towards the pressing issues which need a fresh, new approach in order to find a solution
  • attract local people to follow the initiative promoted by young people
  • be proposed by voters to represent the community
  • be elected to be MPs in Parliament
  • work on the issues that they have been elected locally to bring to Parliament

The panellists are mainly young people who will talk about their experiences and discuss the problems and obstacles that young people face to enter into professional political life. The audience will have many opportunities to debate, ask questions and learn from the experiences of those who succeeded in reaching their goals.

We invite young people to attend this talk and to participate in the discussion which we hope will inspire some of them to choose their profession and work for the benefits of all society.

Contact: Vesna Petkovic Vesna.proart@gmail.com

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