Brompton Cemetery development project -continue


Brompton Cemetery is one of London’s Magnificent Seven garden cemeteries, built in a ring around the capital in the 1830s to ease the city’s overcrowded graveyards and provide public green space.  Today it combines monuments, trees, and wildlife, together with 35,000 gravestones, stoned arcades, catacombs and a chapel.  Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project is a major project which has been running for two years to conserve and enhance the garden cemetery’s unique character, protect local wildlife, and improve this valuable open space for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

Pro Art & Co is engaged with the Serbian Library in London at Fulham Library in the project which is a continuation of our engagement from 2015-16when we created an E-book of memories and reflections on people’s view on death as an inevitable concept.  This is still recorded in the page  Spirits in the Air. 

Our new project this year is based on three talks between different communities and religions. These talks are free and we invite all interested people to join in or to write their contribution to the E-book. Please look at the flyer below and contact us if you wish to join in the discussion. The Serbian Library in London also provides refreshments after these talks.

Brompton Cemetery 2018 flyer short_Layout 1