The training  focuses on the improvement of the following skills:

  • To prepare youth workers/trainers to establish interactive communication with their students and colleagues- both locally and abroad (e.g. at partners’ countries) – the aim is to exchange good practices and new learning skills via digital media.
  • To improve the position of training staff in relations to their students – today, students understand better the importance of using digital equipment in order to improve their social life and the learning process itself.
  • These students who did not already master the use of smartphones, GPS, and social media, those who mainly come from abroad or refugees, who need to complete their education, will have an opportunity to learn not only the technical side of e-communication but the legal, ethical, environmental and social aspects as well.
  • This training will help all participants to improve personal competence and will increase their ability to update their education, get a job or to move on to better employment.
  • Knowledge about proper use of social media, the way to stop or delete negative influences and personal attacks on mobile phones and social media (dysfunctional behaviour) will help students and trainers to recognise and deal with these abuses, entices, radicalisation or other negative manipulations, where young people are often an open target to exploitation.
  • The training staff benefit: it will help them to increase their professional network not only from home but from the experiences of European countries sharing the same problems,  to exchange knowledge, pedagogical approaches, teaching practices and new experiences. We issue certificates after the training.

It is free to participate in training, all applications need to go through the Pro Art evaluation process.  We have a limited number of places for participants in this training. European Training Course staff are highly qualified and experienced in similar projects and each partner contributed to the course with their expertise, which makes this project truly international and multidisciplinary.  The training involves local training course,  regular communication between tutors/youth workers and the other participants in the project and upon finalising the course we issue certificates to acknowledge and validate this training which would be accepted throughout EU and in many other non-EU countries.


Education and training for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media (2016-2018)

Youth Work Mobile 2.0 – Train  (YOWOMO2.0-Train) is a European partnership developing education and training for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media.

The core idea of YOWOMO2.0-Train is to get youth work in shape for the 21st century. The main target groups are both youth workers and youth work trainers and educators. Education and training for both will be developed to acquire competence and make use of up to date digital technology. This will enable professional youth work to become a player in the digitalisation of Europe increasing digital inclusion, community cohesion, digital citizenship, youth participation while decreasing informational poverty among young people.

YOWOMO2.0-Train will develop and pilot three outputs:

  1. A course for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media. This course will enable youth work trainees and professionals to acquire the competencies for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media. Due to the diversity of both youth work practice and youth work education and training across Europe the instructional design of this course will reflect the contexts of the participating partners. This will be achieved by developing adaptations for
    1. trainees and students (Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training)
    2. professionals after entry into working life (Continuing Vocational Education and Training) as
      1.  in-house training and
      2. external course.
  2. A preparatory course for trainers, educators, and lecturers to hold the courses for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media.
  3. An online learning platform and repository. The YOWOMO2.0-Train online platform will offer these courses in form of MOOCs and will serve as a repository of open educational resources for education and training.


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