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Erasmus + Partnership, formed by 6 EU countries: UK, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, shares an interest and experience in participating, creating and implementing this project related to plastic in the environment for the benefit of local, national and wider European participants and public consumers. Better knowledge and a constructive attitude towards plastic and its impact on nature and life on Earth must be achieved through a balance between commercial demands and environmental impact which includes additional services, like recycling and the market for recycled products, labeling, collection and waste management and a compliance with EU and local legislation. The aim of the project is to reach out wide in our countries, Europe and the wider world through social media, exhibitions, films and structured talks about the origin and production of different types of plastic. Our presentations to the public will include innovative ways through mobile devices, simulation 3D or VR presentation, of the “journey” of plastic from its source material to its use and disposal or recycling which could produce energy or be transformed into a new plastic form.

Plastic in the environment is an important multidisciplinary and popular topic throughout the world and environmentalists and ecologists talk about this issue through different media securing wider access to inform the public about its impact on the natural environment, urban and rural areas and the measures to apply in order to protect these habitats. In the last century, plastic materials made revolutionary changes in industry, medicine, food and communication, and today, our life could not be imagined without plastic. This is especially important to focus on in all countries and areas where the food industry, energy and production of reusable and non-reusable containers, plastic packaging, bags and items from everyday use is mass-consumed and would not be the same in different wrapping, e.g. water bottles. We aim to reach thousands of people across Europe and through digital media in order to raise awareness, share more information and help the global issue of plastic in the environment.

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