Young People and Politics

24 June 2019     6-8 pm

Parliament, Jubilee Room

What would young people want to change in politics and what do they appreciate it?

The world and our country face an overall change and a new direction in politics, which people hope would bring peace, security and prosperity to all.                  Many people just wait for the respective local governments and politicians to find an answer to our concerns and to bring desirable solutions. More people are disillusioned and do not vote, deliberately do not use their power to improve their own lives and of society. Young people are especially inactive and share little interest in daily politics, except in the environment.

Do we know what young people really want?

Recently, young people in the UK were inspired by another young person from abroad, to look at life on Earth more respectfully. It appeared that the most important for a happy and healthy life, worth to raise their voice for, is to protect the environment from destruction and to find more sustainable products not only for profit. They protested on behalf of Mother Nature and our planet Earth. The consequences of people’s damaging actions are irreparable and irreversible sometimes. People rapidly change the environment for the worst. This recent protest was international, spontaneous, inspired by young people. Cynics may say that such protests are orchestrated. However, it has shown significant international solidarity among young people around Europe and the world. Only when young people raise their voice about some issues, people, media and politicians listen to it and are inspired to support the “movement”.

Young people need to recognise that only through proactive and uncompromised believes they would be able to instigate changes and make life fairer for all. But those young people who are involved in politics are rare. Professional politicians, experienced and skilful veterans, should bring to their offices and cabinets more young activists who are still idealistic and do not see the political power and profit as the most important in the exchange of their beliefs. We invite you to join this discussion where we could ask panellists to tell us: What do they want in the future? We can listen to the wisdom of the young generations, because they will change the world, for sure, and they already started doing it differently. Those who are shaping our lives and politics will help that new idea find their positive ground among all of us.

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