Pro Art & Co was founded to promote international art, culture, heritage and science aiming to narrow the borders which are dividing people, and to create bridges over cultural barriers. Pro Art & Co promotes events based on the cultural diversity of ethnic groups, their philosophy and beliefs, expressing them through many educational, interesting and enjoyable activities.


Pro Art & Co (Pro Art) was registered on the 18th October 2004 in England and Wales under The Companies Act 1985 and 1989 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital; the registration number is 5262487.

Our Mission:

Pro Art & Co is a non-profit organisation with the main aim to promote cultural diversity and to advance education generally by using existing cultural institutions and facilities, their collections of artifacts, heritage objects, art and written works as the learning tools. We dedicate most of our activities to informal learning for adults, children, aging and young people’s  and their motivation to continue with conventional education or to use their previous experience and knowledge, also gained through our projects, to develop their personal and professional life, interests, aspirations, and achievements.

From Our Constitution:

“The objects of the Company are to promote art and diversity of cultures of people primarily living in the UK, but also wider, in order to advance the education among people of different multi ethnic, religious or cultural background, particularly among those who are socially deprived and disadvantaged. In this way cultural differences will be marginalised and more understanding and friendship will be fostered and promoted in the community and ultimately within the society.”

Download our full constitution HERE

We aim to bring like-minded  people together regularly, to expand peoples’ experience in the world of art, to create a social circle where people can exchange their ideas and where they can meet authors, performers, artists, celebrities in person, and where they can be informed about the latest events in the world of art and literature. We also organise educational and relaxing travels abroad and within the UK, expanding knowledge, experiences and competences of our memebrs in broad spectre of subjects.

To become a member of  the PRO ART CLUB and enjoy membership privileges and benefits, please write to us to send you an application form by e-mail. The annual membership fee is £15, for couples £25. Becoming a member enables you to have a discount on tickets for all events and invitations to two members-only events, special discount on joint cultural trips among other benefits.

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Managing Committee

 Directors – Trustees

Xenia Wilding, Chair
Mladen Jovasevic, Secretary
Dubravka Kokot, Treasurer

Branko Mirosevic-Sorgo

Managing Director

Vesna Petkovic

Committee Members

Sanja Stefanovic, Head of Music

Sava Peic, Consultant

Senka Vemic, Admin

Associated Consultants

Maria Andipa, Art consultant

Branka Acimovic-Grcic, Art Consultant