Art of Cooking and Eating Healthy


The course includes an introduction to the history of eating habits at different geographical habitats, including natural influences and climate change. It considers types of food from different parts of the world, and nutritional quality. It explores how to prevent poor health through lifestyle changes to the food we eat, and the rise of radical ‘fad’ dieting which does not always work. Finally, the course looks at what support speople need to maintain motivation, inspiration, to define goals, to help them become proactive and determined. In particular, joint family involvement in eating, cooking, playing, exercising and sport, socialising can make the difference, and bring security, fun and great emotional support.
The course covered learning about types of food, ingredients, labelling, organic/non-organic; and methods of cooking important in protecting good quality of food properties and healthy family life.This book is a product of a series of talks, lectures, workshops and practical cooking sessions, which aimed to promote changes in daily routine and to engage the whole family in finding new ingredients, learning about the body and its organs and their functions, and explored food we need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The participants were preparing their own food with vegetables, meat and fruits from their original ethnic backgrounds but with new knowledge which helped them cook and make dishes without adding excessive calories. They had questions about common diseases and we brought experts who answered these topical issues, especially among older people and young mothers. The course included practical showing of how to cook healthier and have fun. The success of this project can be measured by the change in lifestyle among the participants who suffered from different healthy burdens but manage to control some of the symptoms just by changing how they cook and eat their food. They learned new methods and learned to buy food from different geographical areas and origins, which proved to be as tasty and nutritious as what they were previously accustomed to. The last lesson was to bring some food they cooked at home by using one of the methods they learned at the course.

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